Day 20 of 21 Days: Friend Day

This weekend is a Friend Day emphasis at Grace Community Church. Last night’s 5:30 pm gathering was incredible as we were privileged to have many guests join us. What was even more refreshing was how many people introduced the guests they had invited to my wife and I by saying, “This is my friend…” Why was it so refreshing? Simply to see how many people have friends outside the church! I’m excited about this morning’s two gatherings and expecting the same thing.

Regrettably “church” can be too exclusive, or clickish, or relegated to a building and programs. We don’t see “church” as people, a community, an extension of Jesus’ ministry, or as “called out and sent ones”, sharing the Good News through the dynamic of genuine relationship and friendship. It’s nice to know we don’t merely have friends at church, but as the church, beyond the church! Friendship is how we prove the gospel, make it credible in the eyes of others, and serve as a true witness. Simply put, being friendly is being Christ-like!


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