Day 19 of 21 Days of Prayer: Encouragement

Yesterday my daughter and I had the opportunity to ski in powder for the first time. To be honest, it was both amazing and frustrating! We’re both decent skiers, but all of our experience has been on groomed surfaces. Skiing in a foot of fresh, untouched snow was like starting over. You have to turn differently, keep you body weight back on your skis, and work much harder. We finally were able to get the hang of it after many falls and lots of encouragement!

Thankfully, we were skiing with two people who were incredible at skiing in the powder. More importantly, they were great teachers, very patient with us, but most of all, very encouraging. They could have skied off without waiting on us and they could have complained. Instead, they took time to teach and encourage us.

Think about the opportunities we have to invest in, and encourage others. Whether its someone struggling with learning something new like we were, or motivating people in other ways, we can all find opportunities to put courage into someone else.


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