Days 8 and 9 of 21 Days of Prayer

I spent days 8 and 9 of our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting driving from Hartford, CT to Denver, moving my daughter from UCONN. She’s transferring to Colorado State this fall. So, I’m catching up on my blog. This week’s focus for prayer is on elevating your relationships: How can you better love, serve, and bless those in your life that you are closely connected to?

By looking for ways to lift up the people in your family, life group, the church, etc., you are in essence, elevating your own life. This week focus on ways you can better love, and lift those around you! Ask God to give you direction in your relationships, specifically as it relates to your spouse, children, other family and friends. And don’t merely pray about it, put love and service into action. Develop the great habit of elevating the lives of those closest to you and discover how your life is elevated too in the process!


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