Elevate Your Life with a Winning Attitude!

For the past 30 hours my daughter and I drove from Hartford, CT here to Denver, so I was able to do much blogging. Cayla is transferring from UCONN to Colorado State, as well as switching from volleyball to track. She’ll long and triple jump for the Rams this Fall! Although her decision to transfer and change sports was challenging at first, I know it was motivated by her desire to put God first, as well as by her “winning attitude.”

Dr. John Bosman provide at great teaching this past weekend at GCC on elevating your life through a winning attitude. He talked about how Jesus gives us the potential to think and live like a winner. One key is to simply learn not to quit. People quit in life…

Because of fear of the future.
Because of emotional instability.
Because of personal problems.
Because of sin or guilt.
Because of confusion about direction.

In Phil. 3:13-14, Paul shares some keys to having a winning attitude…

You only receive the prize by finishing!
Realizing that things are never the same in the past!
God won’t stop you from quitting!

So, to elevate your life with a winning attitude…

Never give up on your dream!
Never give up on yourself!
Never give up on life!
Never give up on the church!
Never give up on God!


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