At the Summit!

 I recently completed my first winter ascent of a 14er here in Colorado- Quandary Peak at 14,246 feet!  Part of the motivation for doing this was to illustrate GCC’s theme for 2012, “Elevate”, and what it takes to go to a new level in your life.  Two of my staff went along with me so we could shoot some video to use for our “Elevate 2012” teaching series.  However, I was also highly motivated to simply reach the summit of a 14er in the winter!  Honestly, the climb was much harder than I thought it would be and I may have been tempted to settle for less than the summit if it had not been for the guys with me spurring me on and the fact that I would not have had such a great illustration to share!

Interestingly, both life and setting a goal can be a lot like climbing a mountain.  You need to identify your purpose.  You need to have a plan and a well marked path to follow.  You need the right people on the path with you.  You need to press on and persevere when you hit the tough places.  You need to set the right pace.  If you don’t those things, you’ll never achieve the prize… which can only be realized at the summit.

At the summit, you know you’ve accomplished your goal.  At the summit the satisfaction and fulfillment significantly overwhelms any struggles it took to get to the top.  At the summit you can see just how far you’ve come.  At the summit you have an entirely different perspective.  At the summit you celebrate.  At the summit you join the ranks of those who have climbed the mountain.  At the summit you realize just how much you are capable of.  At the summit you begin to think about the next mountain you want to climb and conquer.

Sure, you’re not always at the summit or on top of the mountain- sometimes you’re in the valley.  But that just means that there’s a mountain to be climbed and an opportunity to experience life at the summit, if you’ll simply get started.


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