Elevate 14,246 Feet!

Talk about elevating your life!  Yesterday, Craig Harris, my worship pastor, and Joel Strayer, my media and marketing director, and I summited Quandary Peak, one of fifty-four 14ers in Colorado- mountains over 14,000 feet!  Climbing any mountain over 14,000 feet (this was my 8th) is a challenge, let alone attempting it in the winter.  The reason we took on this challenge and succeeded was to illustrate what it takes to go to the next level or to achieve a goal in your life.  We plan to use the footage we shot in the teaching for the weekend of Jan. 28/29, which will conclude our Elevate 2012 series: Elevate with a Life Plan!  This will also be our first Friend Day Weekend of the new year!

Here’s some things I learned from yesterday’s experience on Quandary Peak that you’ll most likely hear me talk about again in a few weeks.

Know your Purpose/Goal.  What are you attempting to be or do?

Have a Plan and Prioritize.  What’s your plan to achieve your goal?  What’s your strategy?

Be Prepared.  What do you need, the tools, resources, people, etc., to succeed?  Are you ready for both expected and unexpected circumstances?

Persevere.  What will you do when there’s difficulty or other potential obstacles?

People who will Push you.  Who can you learn from, go to, count on in the pursuit of your goal?

Ask and answer these questions and you’re well on your way to elevating your life to a new level!


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