A Man with a Mission

Steve Jobs died yesterday. He was 56 years old. He was born to an unwed mother- actually his parents were students at the University of Wisconsin. He never met his biological sister until he was an adult. He was adopted. He never graduated from college. He joined a computer club and in 1976, with $250 from the sale of his VW van, and partnered with Steve Wozniak, who had $500 from the sale of his Hewitt-Packard calculator, they bought circuits and built the first Apple computer. From these humble beginnings Jobs created a world-wide culture of Macbook, IMac, IPod, IPhone, and IPad users. He changed the way we buy and listen to music, the way we use phones, and the way we live!

Steve Jobs didn’t have the technical skills of Steve Wozniak. He didn’t have the schooling of Bill Gates. But what he did have was vision and the courage to see his vision become reality. Steve Jobs wasn’t merely a visionary; he was a man with a mission… and we can all say without question, that he fulfilled it! His mission was to change the way we live… and he did it.

That’s the thing about a man (or a woman) with a mission- they not only know their cause, they cannot be deterred or denied when it comes to fulfilling it! The mission drives their life. The mission focusses their sight. The mission is all that matters. The mission is everything. The mission is their only reason for living.

Visionaries see what others can’t see. But missionaries take vision a step further- they go where others won’t go and they do what others won’t do!

I don’t want to simply be a visionary. I want to be a missionary… a man with a mission. Like Steve Jobs. Like another man with a mission, that also more significantly changed the world. Steve Jobs made life better. Jesus Christ made life possible. Steve Jobs died yesterday and although no one will be able to live his mission like he did, no doubt other Apple missionaries will continue the cause. You know where I’m going with this, I’m sure…

Jesus was a ‘man’ with a greater mission. He lived it. He died for it. He invites us to continue his cause. To become “missionaries.” To be men and women with his mission!


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