Observations from a Bible College Chapel

Today and tomorrow I am in Minneapolis, MN for a Church Multiplication Network Leadership Team meeting. The meeting is being hosted on the campus of North Central University, which is primarily a school for preparing students for full-time vocational ministry. Being early for the meeting, I had the opportunity to sit in on NCU’s daily chapel service. Below are some key observations that I cam away with:

I was pleasantly surprised that there was no dress code! Students had the liberty to dress in a manner that was relevant to their culture- props to NCU.

The emerging generation has a definite passion for God and their anthems seemed to be summarized in the words of one of the songs they were singing, “I am nothing without You!” Led by students for students, the worship experience was genuine, energetic, and heart-felt.

Most students gave the impression that they wanted to be there rather than being there as a requirement! There was keyed in focus, attentiveness, and participation.

There was definitely an “old school” representation, but aside from the normal need to have some face time, students led in most aspects! Interestingly, there were two chapels happening at the same time this morning- one was staff/student led and the other was completely led by students! Again, props to NCU for facilitating this. To me, this promotes a “we believe in you and here’s opportunities to go for it” reality!

The above may not be characteristic of all such “bible schools” but I was more than thrilled to experience what I did today at NCU. My hope and prayer is that we’ll move beyond student-led chapels to emerging generation led church movements!


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