A Day for Dads… Especially Mine!

Today is Father’s Day!  Regrettably, I’m spending this special day removed from my wife and children, as I’m in Denver teaching in the weekend services at GCC, and they are, well, all over the place- Casey in Seattle, Corey, along with Cayla, who just got back from Storrs, CT, are with Jo Ann in Hagerstown- I fly there tomorrow to load up the Uhaul and drive back to Denver next weekend!  Yeah, I’m tired just writing all that!  But, I’ve been wished a Happy Father’s Day from my wife and kids and honestly, as compliments, etc. go, being told I’m a great “Dad” is the top of my list.  I’m thankful for, and wishing my dad, Carroll Broadwater, the happiest of all Father’s Days too!  Also, I thought I’d share a few insights that has made my dad such a great father, and hopefully helped me, through his example, to do the same:

He has always “been there!”  From Little League games to high school football to all the special and ordinary occasions, my dad has always been there- always in the stands, always at the table, always cheering me on!  I’ve always endeavored to do the same thing, because after all, I learned it from my dad.

He’s always provided for us!  My dad has always had a strong work ethic and always made sure we not only had what we needed, but he worked even harder to give us things that made my brother and sister, and my life special.  I learned later in life that he sacrificed for himself so we could enjoy these things.  That’s just what fathers do- they sacrifice for their family.

He resourced our dreams!  No matter what we wanted to do, or try in life, that was obviously a good ambition, desire, or dream, my dad made sure we had the opportunity to give it a try.  It didn’t matter if it was sports or art or music or college or any number of other things, my dad did everything he could to resource our dreams!  I hope too, I’ve been able to do the same for my kids!

He loves my Mom!  For over 50 years, my dad has loved my mom and provided an example for us, along with my mother, of what commitment, dedication, sacrifice, and enduring love looks like.  For me, and I know for my brother and sister, it has cultivated a persevering, stay the course, “in it all the way”, character in our lives that our marriages reflect to our kids.  I’m not throwing that in the face of anyone who hasn’t experienced this for themselves, I’m simply saying that for me, it has, and continues to be a model of commitment that I aspire to every day!

Happy Father’s Day Dad- I love you!


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