Some Takeaways from Infusion Conference

I am grateful for, and excited about the opportunity that I have, with the full support of Chi Alpha’s and my leadership at Grace Community Church, to continue to direct XA Network and be very involved in the lives and destiny of the emerging generation; especially as this relates to Chi Alpha and missional marketplace transformation.  Today is the last day of the Infusion Conference, essentially giving XA students the opportunity to learn about strategic ways they can be involved in missions, both while in school and post-graduation, and here a few of my takeaways:

  1. Being in this environment with these emerging adults who unquestionably love Jesus and want to be on mission with him, has only reinforced my commitment to XA Network’s efforts, and to the responsibility every leader and church should be fulfilling to raise, resource, and release the emerging generation to fulfill God’s destiny for their lives.
  2. Synergy in respect to kingdom priorities will always produce the most significant and effective results!  Although it is essential to live out vision and mission at the local level, and have the ability to adapt, create, and develop as necessary, it is also just as critical that we identify, and commit to those 3-4 areas of vision and mission that we must synergize our efforts and resources simply because 1) it makes the most sense, 2) it allows us to significantly accomplish more than we could alone, and 3) it’s a kingdom endeavor.
  3. Networking accelerates everything!
I leave here tomorrow and return to GCC and Denver (love that mountain air) more resolved and committed than ever to enabling the next generation to fulfill their God-ordained dreams and desires!

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