You Are a Missionary

I’m currently in Springfield, MO attending the Infusion Conference, presented by Chi Alpha Student Missions- I’m on this afternoon to share about missional marketplace transformation.  Earlier today I heard a quote (I tweeted it) that speaks volumes regarding an all in, sold out life to the cause and mission of Jesus Christ.

“God had only one son, he made him a missionary!” – David Livingston.  Several years ago I had the revelation that the church I was leading at the time didn’t have one mission’s program, we actually had 700 missionaries!  Not only was this a profound enlightenment, it radically changed the way we approached doing missions- we became missional: every person called into the ministry of Jesus, and sent by Jesus into a personal mission field to live missionally!  The implication of this is profound and when lived out, is really how the multiplication of the kingdom happens.  Consider that in essence, every believer, true follower of Jesus, is not merely a representative of Jesus Christ; but more so, the multiplied ministry of Jesus in the world!  That’s incredibly powerful as we fulfill the cause of Christ every day as each of us engage our culture in our very personal “mission field.”

I’ve now adapted the above quote: God has a church, he’s made every member of his church a missionary!



One response to “You Are a Missionary

  1. But isn’t today’s Church so inherently concerned about:
    1. Things going smoothly
    2. Everything under budget (refer to #1)
    3. Everything on-time and in its place (also #1)
    4. Consistency (yep, #1 again)
    5. Predictability and stability (as in #1)

    What I mean is, we administer Church, not minister people.

    Missionary work is unpredictable, messy, and radiates owtward. Undue attention to administration makes things predictable, neat, and radiates self-ward.

    The “love language” of a minister includes “heart” and “relationship” and growth through good and bad. The “love language” of an out-of-balance ADminister is “process” and “procedure” and “paper” to make sure nothing ever goes “bad”.

    Pastors and missionaries should mentor pastors and missionaries. Martha should not mentor Mary. Creativity and innovation combined with God’s heart change lives.

    Administration is important, of course. But Zacchaeus the administrator had a wake-up call one day (Luke 19:1-10). I like to believe that from then on, life for Zacchaeus was not so neat and tidy, but full of life. THAT is la life more about giving than getting , and is a life lived “more abundantly”.

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