thumb-1.phpWe launch Life Groups at Grace Community Church two times each year as a means of encouraging people to connect with a smaller group of people they can do life together with.  This weekend, in all three of our gatherings, we will be promoting 25 possible Life Groups someone can join.  But that begs the question…


You need the fellowship!  On the surface, Life Groups provide the opportunity to spend some time together with other people in a smaller dynamic where enjoying a meal, having conversations, or simply sharing life can happen.  We all need some folks we can fellowship with!

You need the relationships!  Life Groups build relationships ideally in a trusting environment where truth and transparency are valued and secure.  It’s challenging to have a trusting relationship with God if you’ve not experienced trust with people.  Life Groups foster relationships that are healthy and helpful for spiritual growth and maturity.

You need the practice!  Taking what you hear on Sunday and making application of it on Monday can often times be challenging, especially when we’ve not had the chance to “practice” it!  Life Groups are the place among the people you know where you can work things out, ask the questions, learn the application, and build your confidence before taking it out onto the “playing field” of life!

You need the support!  As you know, life isn’t alway awesome!  Along the way there can be difficulties, unexpected challenges, and times of need.  Life Groups are where people learn to have compassion, care for one another, and serve each other’s needs.  Most needs can be met in a Life Group- it’s people who care about each other, supporting and helping each other!

You need the team!  You simply get more accomplished with others than you do by yourself.  Life Groups make for great teams when it comes to service or mission’s projects, or all types of opportunities that may present themselves.  You often overlook such opportunities to serve or help in some capacity because it’s can be overwhelming for one person.  But a team can get it done and a Life Group of people teamed together can make a difference!

So, if you’re not in a Life Group, join one because life is better together!



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