How to Experience A New Thing!

Isaiah 43:19 basically says that God wants to do a “new thing” in your life! As a matter of fact, from Genesis (meaning new beginnings) to Revelation (21:5 “I am making everything new…”), the Bible is a story of people experiencing a “new thing!” But there is a catch…

You can’t experience the new thing until you let go of the old thing!

Let’s be honest about two things- 1) Most of us would love to experience something new in our lives, but 2) Most of us struggle with letting go of the old thing! Why?

Because the old thing; a habit, a hangup, a hurt, a way of thinking, an experience, how you’re known or branded, etc. is what you’re familiar with!

Because the old thing is what you’ve spent so much of your life focusing on!

Because the old thing is what has formed your thinking which in turn shapes your life!

So it can be hard to let go… especially when the excitement about the future is overwhelmed by the fear of the unknown! After all, as intriguing as experiencing new things can be, that’s just it, it’s something we’ve not yet experienced. So we hold on… we don’t let go… and we don’t go anywhere but where we’ve already been… and it’s frustrating!

But at some point you’ve got to let go! How? Follow the ABC’s…

Accept that as good or as bad as the old thing is, it’s just one of many seasons in your life- like chapters in a book, and it’s time to move on to the next season, turn the page to the next chapter, and experience something new!

Believe that the best is yet to be lived, to be experienced, to come; that there is always the potential and possibilities for better days ahead! And if you believe in God then believe that he has your best interests in mind when he invites you to move forward, yes by faith many times, into something new!

Commit yourself to the new step, the new season, the new start! Like climbing a staircase, you can’t move to the next level until you leave the current one that you’re on.

In the process of those ABC’s suddenly you’ll realize that you’ve LET GO and the new thing will unfold before you!



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