Brand New

imageWelcome to 2013 and some “brand new” possibilities! Brand New is GCC’s theme for 2013 based on Isaiah 43:18-19 where God encourages us to forget the past because God is “about to do something new!”

There are two New Testament words that come to mind that are translated “new.” Neos meaning “recent” and Kainos meaning “qualitatively different.” I like the latter one because it aligns with Isaiah 43:18-19 and speaks to the potential to experience God-ordained brand new things for your life!

We need “brand new” since things can become worn out or wasteful or not wanted anymore. Of course, any of those three things is completely contingent on the “something new God wants to do!” God’s purpose or will, what aligns with his Word, the Bible, is always the criteria for embracing and experiencing something brand new.

Lets be honest brand old can be outdated, stale, even hurtful! The key is knowing what needs to be replaced and what needs to be renewed! How do you figure this all out?

That’s the question among others we will answer in my first teaching series of 2013, appropriately called- BRAND NEW! join us at GCC for one of our weekend services or follow the series online at GCC Website


2 responses to “Brand New

  1. Pastor Terry
    I am so pumped about this series and what God is doing at GCC and in and through you as our pastor.
    I will be praying for you from Korea and will listen to message after it is posted online.
    In Christ

  2. Being literally “brand new” to this church, I and my family look forward to this series with great anticipation as well as developing godly relationships with GCC members. 🙂

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