Divine Intersections and Summit County, CO!

I never ceased to be amazed at how masterfully God orchestrates his purposes and causes people’s path to cross at exactly the right time, at the right place, and for the right reasons at what I call “divine intersections.”  As you know, an intersection is where two different roads, highways, or streets “cross paths.”  They are also those places where people find themselves stopped at a traffic light with twenty other people that all arrive there seemingly by happenstance.  But not so with God- he intentionally and divinely intersects your life!

Today was another such experience for me when I had the privilege of meeting Eric Ojala, who along with his wife, is on mission to impact the culture in Summit County, CO.  Frankly, Summit County is home to some of the top skiing and riding resorts in the world; but with that distinction, it is also a very challenging mission field to reach.  Most of the population of Summit County is from somewhere else on their way to somewhere else- very transient and young!  You’re simply not going to roll into Breckenridge with church in a box, rent some school space, throw up a sign, and welcome people en masse every Sunday.  Eric, who’s lived in the area now for several years, describes the culture as 95% non-Christian, if not, anti-Christian and has learned that only after you establish credibility with people can you even begin to have a conversation about God. His approach is very Book of Acts like and I love it!

Okay, back to the divine intersection.  Coming to Colorado I knew God was calling my wife and me to cultivate relationships and network with people like Eric and his wife for the primary purpose of reaching cultures that require a different mindset and methodology to reach.  Anyway, our lives crossed today at a moment when both us saw it as an answer to prayer and a confirmation to the call of God.  That’s another aspect of divine intersections, you are praying and needing one thing and someone else is praying and needing another thing, and God connects you at just the right time to be the answer to each other’s prayer. Through XA Network’s efforts and perhaps GCC’s too, we can help Eric build a team of marketplace missionaries. He can help us to continue to recognize our capacity to strategically support such efforts.

Don’t miss those divine intersections!


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