Making Right Choices

This past Wednesday I spoke in our senior high student’s gathering on the subject of Making Right Choices. The feedback was great, so I thought I’d pass on some key notes from the teaching.

Making right choices is critical because ultimately we are all becoming the creatures that our choices our creating. A scientific study revealed that we make anywhere between 300 and 17,000 decisions every day! Sure, there are many choices, I call them Micro choices, that don’t necessarily impact our lives as much as what I call Macro choices. Micro choices are all those decisions that we seemingly subconsciously make each day- brushing our teeth, the color pen we use, wearing a coat when it’s cold outside, etc. But Macro choices, like who you will marry, where you will live, will you serve God, etc., are certainly very substantial decisions. So, obviously, when it comes to these “macro” type decisions, you want to be careful to make the right choices!

Making right choices is significantly improved when you base your primary decisions on the following:

Base your decisions on God’s Word- it tells you what to do on many different subjects.
Seek wise council from several others- not necessarily your peers, but those more mature.
Learn the facts- not everything is as it appears on the surface.
Don’t give up when things are difficult- don’t let pressure dictate your decisions.
Factor in the impact on other people- many of your decisions aren’t just about you.
Rely on the leading of the Holy Spirit- that voice inside is telling you the truth.


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