Days 14 and 15 of 21 Days of Prayer

Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting with two men that I have great respect for. First of all, I value them because they “get it.” What do they get? They understand that for the church to be effective we must orient ourselves again in the model of the New Testament Church, post Acts 11, and be very much integrated into our marketplace. Secondly, they are “go for it” leaders! They understand that it far more riskier to simply keep doing what we’ve traditionally done regarding our efforts to reach our culture for Christ, than to try some new ways of doing and funding mission objectives. And finally, they have a “grab it” spirit- as in seizing unquestionable opportunities to have a greater missional impact.

As you focus today, and perhaps throughout the rest of this week, on how you can elevate your “game” to have a greater impact in your personal mission field- where you work, live, your family, etc., read Acts 11 and ask yourself, “Do I get it?” “Do I go for it?” “Do I grab it?” In other words, are you very much aware of personal difference, the influence, and impact your life can have on those you have access to every day?

As always, consider forwarding this blog post on to others that you believe would encourage.


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