Elevate 2012

You are invited! Join us the weekend at Grace Community Church, 7200 S. Clinton St., Centennial, CO, as we begin our first teaching series of the New Year- Elevate 2012!  This weekend, in Part 1, I’ll be sharing on how to Elevate Your Life in 2012.  As you know, we all usually make resolutions this time of the year, but we don’t always followthrough on them.  This weekend, Sat./Sun., Jan. 7/8th, I’ll talk about key ways to elevate your life that are more than mere resolutions, but disciplines we can put into practice every day!

The following weekend, Jan. 14/15th, in Part 2, we’ll focus on elevating your relationships to a new level.  Part 3 on Jan. 21/22nd, will deal with how to elevate your leadership, and finally, on the weekend of Jan. 28/29th, which will be a Friend Day Weekend for GCC, I’ll specifically talk about how to go to the next level by having a Life Development Plan!  Imagine the possibilities of what your life could look like in 2012 if you simply elevated it one step, one degree, one level??

I hope to see you this weekend and for the rest of this very practical teaching series.  Please forward this to others you think would benefit from our new teaching series: Elevate 2012!


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