New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! Well, it’s that time of year again. So, what are your resolutions for this new year? Diet, exercise more, save money? We all make them, but we probably don’t all keep them. Resolutions are often more like good intentions. However, if you’re going to have or make some resolutions for 2012, let me offer you some to consider.

Pray more. Prayer doesn’t hurt anyone and is always a good thing. Prayer affords us the opportunity to not merely have a conversation with God, but is a great means of bringing focus, purpose, and a sense of peace to our lives. Prayer is sustaining.

Read your Bible more. I know this list is already sounding like a classic church lecture, but there’s a reason we need to practice basic spiritual disciplines. Reading God’s Word on a daily basis is food for your soul. The Bible provides invaluable life lessons and direction that do often comes into play daily. It’s amazing how what you’ve read from the Bible in the morning shows up throughout the day as you go about your work or other activities and encounters with people and life. Reading your Bible more or regularly will give you insight and wisdom for daily living.

invite people to church regularly. Feedback from our culture, especially the unchurched, suggests that over 80% would attend a service IF asked! Yes, it really is that simple, yet other surveys state that 98% of regular church attendees NEVER invite anyone to church in a given year! So, make it a point to invite someone to a church service at least weekly and you never know you that could change and impact multiplied others.

Raise the bar on your relationships. At 211 degrees water is hot. At 212 it boils and boiling water produces steam that can power a locomotive! Imagine what your relationship- with the Lord, your family, others, could look like if you committed to loving, caring, and serving more? It would be amazing! Everyday look for opportunities to be and do just a little bit more in your relationships.

Have fun! Some of you were really excited about how spiritual this list of resolutions was- but, Have fun?” Seriously, this may be the most spiritual and impactful one of all. Life is very tough and challenging as it is and finding some ways to simply have some fun and enjoy yourself, break away from the stress on a consistent basis, and let your hair down is one of the smartest, healthiest, and therapeutic things you can do. Right now as a write this, I’m on my way to ski with my daughter and some friends (I’m not driving of course). Find some things to do that are just fun, and do them regularly. You’ll be amazed at how these things will keep your life refreshed and energized.

So there it is- my list of resolutions. Of course, you can adapt or tweak them for yourself. But, give these a shot this year and I promise you you’ll live better!


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