Stealing Christmas

This past week, one of our local news stations here in Denver, has been tracking a story about thieves that have been breaking into people’s homes and stealing their Christmas presents! One particular family’s story was especially touching because of their challenging financial situation. The parents had done all they could to provide the best Christmas possible for their young son, but because of the robbery, according to the distraught mother, his “Christmas was stolen!” However, viewers of the news story have overwhelmingly responded, and this family, as well as others, will now receive much more for Christmas than what they had provided for themselves.

The above begs some questions. Has your Christmas been stolen? No, not your gifts, but the truth of Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection. Has consumerism stolen your ability to have real peace and joy? Sure, presents can make us happy, but it’s momentary. Inner joy and peace aren’t based on those things, but on a relationship with Jesus Christ. Like the Grinch, in the classic Seuss story, “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”, is your heart shriveled by greed or by hurt and pain; and thus robbing yourself and potentially others of a Christmas celebration? Whatever the case, many things can steal Christmas, but we truly get so much more than we could have very asked for or dreamed of, in the greatest gift of all- Jesus Christ!


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