I Will Take Your Hand

My good friend, Paul Austin, is sharing this weekend at GCC. As a matter of fact, he’s preaching right now as I write this! I heard the message last night in our 5:30 pm gathering, and yes, I’m listening right now, but I wanted to pass on the good word that Paul is giving us- God wants you to take his hand!

We want to always experience God in that “just cuddle me in your arms Jesus” relationship. We want him to always come to where we are and embrace us in our needs, our lives, even in our wants. Of course, the case can be easily made that Jesus has already done that when he came to us, gave his life, and through his death and resurrection, saved us from our sins and restored us back to relationship with God. And he calls us to a mission, to an amazing purpose, and he wants to take our hand and lead us down those paths, through those valleys, across those mountaintops, through the rivers and the fires of adventure and living out a cause.

Yes, he wants to come and fellowship with us, but more importantly, he invites us to take hold of his hand and take this journey with him (“Come and follow me…”) and join him in his mission of “seeking and saving the lost!” Taking his hand means giving him control of my life. Taking his hand means I’m going to go through some places and confront some situations where holding his hand and Jesus holding mine is my only true security, because if I let go (he never will!) I will surely fall. Taking his hand means I accept that he knows and wants what’s best for me!

Take his hand!


One response to “I Will Take Your Hand

  1. I liked Paul’s take on this subject. I have never really thought of my relationship with Jesus in the
    way Paul presented it this weekend.

    It is refreshing to think of our connecting being in terms of Him coming to me to take me on HIS adventure of living instead of me taking HIM on MY adventure of living.


    I going to enjoy pondering all that that entails.

    Maybe that is why some people think being with Jesus is boring – they are insisting that He follow
    along their path instead of them following along HIS path. His path was NEVER boring!

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