You Reproduce Who You Are!

Most of us have heard the phrase, “You don’t reproduce what you say, you reproduce who you are!”  That statement is never more true than in the context of leadership and the influence it has.  If you are a leader then the people you are leading and influencing will most likely be a direct reflection of who you are.  We tend to think that leadership is about passing on information, when in reality, it is very much about influencing and impacting people through our example.  Its why, from a sociological standpoint, verbally abused children grow up to be verbal abusers!  Despite being told or instructed not to demean or verbally assault, the example of a parent figure doing just that on a consistent basis, has a dramatic effect.  You reproduce who you are…

On the other hand, this can actually be a very good thing as long as our example is worth reproducing.  Understanding the influence and impact my example does have on others, must compel me to be very cognizant of three things: my attitude, my actions, and my accountability.  As a follower of Jesus Christ and in a position to lead and influence others, my attitude must be governed by submission to Christ.  My actions must be governed by service to others.  And my accountability must be governed by strength of character.

You reproduce who you are… so who are you?


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