Life Groups Do’s and Don’ts

This weekend we are relaunching Life Groups at Grace Community Church. If you are an attendee of GCC and you’ve been in a Life Group or have never had the opportunity, we encourage you to register for a group this weekend. LG leaders will be promoting their groups in each weekend gathering, so again, get connected to a group that best matches your current stage in life. As a reminder to LG leaders, below is my Top 10 List of Do’s and Top 10 List of Don’ts regarding Life Groups:

Top 10 Do’s

  1. DO make sure your group is always open to others that you or your group members may want to invite!
  2. DO look out for potential leaders who could lead a Life Group; be willing to coach them!
  3. DO plan to multiply, your leadership and your group!
  4. DO take advantage of the resources provided to you and always be prepared to lead!
  5. DO lead/facilitate your group with sensitivity to the subject area that is most beneficial to them!
  6. DO see the worth of every person and encourage all to participate, etc.
  7. DO encourage your group to serve each other, as well as those beyond the group!
  8. DO seek staff or other help for those needs that are beyond your’s or the group’s capabilities!
  9. DO create a a spiritual greenhouse environment of transparency, truth, and trust!
  10. DO have fun and know what you’re doing matters for eternity!
Top 10 Don’ts
  1. DON’T close your group off to others!
  2. DON’T try to lead alone!
  3. DON’T put a lid on your group so leaders, others, or the group itself can’t multiply!
  4. DON’T lead or facilitate by winging it!
  5. DON’T simply go through the study guide as a rote activity!
  6. DON’T let one or two people dominate the discussion or exclude others!
  7. DON’T let your group become self-absorbed or focused!
  8. DON’T try to take on all the burdens of the group yourself!
  9. DON’T let the group be superficial or super-spiritual!
  10. DON’T think what you’re doing doesn’t matter!
Although not exhaustive lists or in any particular order, I hope these Do’s and Don’ts for your Life Group are helpful!

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