What Men and Women Need?

This weekend at GCC, I’ll be sharing Part 3 of the teaching on Modern Family by talking about the Five Basic Needs of a Man/Husband and the Five Basic Needs of a Woman/Wife. These lists come from over 25 years of studies, counseling, and other data compiled by experts in this field (you didn’t think I knew them all did you??). Monday, in this blog, I’ll share the key notes from the teaching. But out of curiosity I’m wondering how many of you would like to take a stab at figuring out what each list is? Do you know what the five basic needs of a man are? The five basic needs for a woman? I’m interested in hearing what you have to say, so give it a try! For the person who most accurately predicts the list for both, I’ll give you a free 16oz bag of TOG Signature Blend Coffee- our very own, unique Taste of Grace coffee that will debut in October!  So, subscribe to the blog and submit your list- the deadline is this Saturday at 12 Noon!


6 responses to “What Men and Women Need?

  1. Sorry this is late, not excuse! Men need to ‘fix’ things, women need men to just listen. Men plan and plan, women just jump in and see if it works later. Men have a need for sex, women would just like to be held sometimes. Men want to ‘protect’ us by not letting on how bad things are, women know things are bad and imagine they are worse, i.e. with the stock market and finances. Men need to know they are a good provider and are appreciated, women need to know they’re appreciated, too.

  2. Men’s needs: 1. Need for respect 2. Need to feel needed/appreciated 3. Need to feel loved 4. Need to feel sexually – um – adequate is not the word I want…more than adequate – maybe lol 5. Need to feel understood

    Women’s needs: 1. need to feel loved 2. Need to feel appreciated 3. Need to feel protected
    4. Need to feel understood 5. Need to feel attractive
    Okay, I didn’t cheat by looking up anything. I just gave it a stab.

  3. Oh, brother, I didn’t finish my sentence … Men # 4 maybe what I want to say is … satisfying to their spouse

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