You Gotta Serve Somebody

It’s amazing to me that Dylan mad as much money as he did considering that they guy, in my opinion, doesn’t exactly have the greatest voice in the world! But, hey, that’s the great thing about America, you’re free to be who and what you want to be… except that, as Dylan so aptly croons, “It may be the devil or it may be the Lord, but ya gotta serve somebody…”

The Founding Father’s of our country, namely the 56 men who signed their names to the Declaration of Independence, understood one undeniable fact- even in declaring independence from King George III and Great Britain, and his, in their estimation, tyrannical rule, they would still need to be governed by something or somebody. They knew that no law would be worse than bad law, so in declaring their and our freedom, they set forth to establish the types of laws that they felt would best benefit Americans, both present and future. When you take the time (about 10 minutes) to read what Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence on behalf of the Continental Congress you realize that this is not a statement against monarchy or rule, but rather about choosing to serve a better “master.” Freedom, for the most part, is essentially the ability to choose who you will serve!

God has given all of us such freedom; we have a choice, perhaps not regarding where we were born or the parents we were born to, or as it relates to other events in our lives that affect us because of the choices that other people have made; but still, there are many choices we can, and do make. And everyday, whether we are cognizant of it or not, we are choosing many things- we are exercising our freedom to choose to serve something or somebody. That’s why it’s so critical for us to choose wisely. To think about how your choice is going to benefit or not benefit your life.

More importantly is the choice of whether you will serve the Lord. Paul, the apostle, records his declaration of independence in Romans 6:6-18. He knows he’s going to have to serve somebody and it’s far more beneficial and advantageous to serve the Lord. It’s his choice. He’s free to make this choice… and so are we.


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