The Move Is On…

My wife, daughter, and I arrived in Denver yesterday after a 28 hour trip from Maryland with all, well most,of our belongings packed into a UHaul, a trailer, and my Tahoe, including our Golden Retriever, Remington.  We were very grateful to have Jeff, from Maryland, and Andy, from Denver, along with us, taking turns driving the UHaul.  We are now officially moved into a house in Highlands Ranch and will spend the next few days unpacking boxes and essentially setting up our new home here in Colorado.  In the days ahead we’ll be setting up and establishing our new life here.  With that in mind, here’s some thoughts I have about “moving.”

First, moving is an emotional roller coaster- the sadness of leaving and the excitement of arriving.  For us, leaving some of our family behind, as well as some dear friends, and the house we personally built, is certainly very emotional.  But these things are very manageable when you know that family and friends are always family and friends no matter where you are, and houses are a home because you live there- not matter where that may be!

Second, moving is a great opportunity to clean out the clutter from your life!  It’s amazing how much stuff we accumulate that we actually think we need.  Moving helps you determine what stays and what goes, especially when you start packing the UHaul; suddenly stuff that you thought was necessary to hold onto, gets thrown into the yard sale pile, or thrown away altogether.  It’s actually a great feeling to let some things go!

Finally, moving is always made easier when you are blessed on both sides.  We’ve had so many people bless us as we were leaving the Hagerstown, MD area- facebook and email messages, calls, and helping us in many ways with the transition.  In Colorado, we’ve been welcomed with open arms by new friends and our new family at Grace Community Church- from messages and comments as well, etc., to an incredible crew who helped us unload the UHaul and set up the new house!

The move is on… and we’re looking forward to moving into a new season of life!


One response to “The Move Is On…

  1. Welcome to Colorado. We know what it’s like. We left Narita International Airport 21 years ago this past Sunday, June 26, after spending almost 8 years at Yokota Air Base. To say it was had would be a great understatement. Mike had not heard from any of his resumes for over a year, so we were going home with a dog, and our two pre-teen daughters! No house, no vehicals, no furniture, no beds, W/D, no job or prospect of one, to live on less then $1000 per month. We thought we were going to AZ instead ended up in Northern MI, so no cloths, either!! But I’m still amazed at the ways God provided ALL our needs!! I even fell down 8-9 wooden stairs and broke my tailbone, He provided. Before we left Japan, I prayed about our future house, described it to a T and, when we walked into this house, we were HOME!! Everything I had prayed about was supplied, and MORE!! He’s soooooooooo good!! Welcome again, Peggy

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