Follow Through

I like to think I can execute.  Execution is the art of getting things done, and “follow through” is essential to execution.  You can give two people the same opportunities, the same resources, and the same support in every other respect; one will succeed and the other will fail simply because of follow through or the lack of it!  It doesn’t matter how much “want to” you have, following through on your priorities, action items, goals, or assignments is how things get done.

Here’s some observations I’ve made about people who follow through…  They take responsibility- they don’t make excuses, they don’t wait for someone else to get it done, and they don’t “pass the buck!”  They don’t waste time- they put a timeline on every action item or project, etc. and they meet those deadlines, many times ahead of schedule.  They have an effective strategy or process to get things done- they lay out the plan, incorporate the right people, and take the necessary steps.  They have a priority list- they write things down, they have a “to do” list for each project, each week, each day as necessary to keep accountable and stay on track.  They aren’t afraid to ask questions or get some help- they want to make sure what the expectations and parameters are, etc., and they seek out those who “have been there and done that” to offer advice and direction.  They persevere through any and all challenges- they meet the issues head on with a positive, solution oriented focus and mindset.  They do things with excellence- they fully understand and embrace the philosophy that following through is not merely checking something off the list, it is producing an end result that is highly profitable for everyone involved.  They derive satisfaction from setting others up for success- their attitude is never “how can I win”, but “how can what I do help others, help the team, the organization be more successful.”

Truly nothing is accomplished without follow through!  How do you plan to follow through today?


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