Mission Possible- This Weekend at GCC

I’m loving this initial series I’m doing at GCC called, That Seems Crazy- talking about how what makes sense to God often seems so crazy to us. Like, “his ways are not our ways…” so what does that mean? And, Jesus telling Peter he’s a rock, but not the BIG ROCK, so what’s going on there? This weekend we’re wrapping our hearts and minds around the crazy story in Acs 8:26-40 where Phillip has to leave some amazing God-stuff in Samaria to chase a chariot on a desert road, overtake it, and get invited into the chariot to have a chat with an Ethiopian eunuch. You think that this stuff can only happen in the Bible, but really it can, should, and does happen every day! So, join us this weekend at GCC and why not invite some folks to come with you!

Saturday at 5:30 pm and Sunday at 9:00 and 10:30 am. 7200 S. Clinton, Centennial, CO.

See ya there!


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