Coffee Connections!

I think I’ve made more connections over coffee than everything else in my life combined- and they’ve always been amazing! Today was no different as I had the opportunity to connect with a fellow coffee connoisseur, entrepreneur, and missional follower of Jesus. No question this guy is not only high on my list because of the aforementioned passions; this meeting was another God-orchestrated moment in this amazing journey coming out to Colorado! Every day I’m seeing more and more how Grace Community Church, XA Network, and the missional marketplace entities I’ve been involved in are syncing together to form this amazing spiritual greenhouse for transplantation and transformation in the marketplace and beyond! Yeah, I’m just a little excited! And GCC, well let’s just say, we’re all in and we haven’t even offer up our very own coffee blend, “The Taste of Grace”… yet! It’s all crazy good!

Imagine… people connecting over coffee… what a concept!


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